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In this day and age of unknown ingredients in our food would you like to take charge of your buying decisions?
Do You Want to get around all the GMO, Food Toxins issues?

*Food Detective will teach you how!
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How to be a Food Detective  $19.95

Want to Personalize Your Food Choices?

Learn the Hows and Whys as you:
Explore markets, malls and on line shopping carts
discover safe and beneficial products for your household or business
use these detective ideas to get answers as you personalize

How to be a Food Detective
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Examine Your Food Options

  • Create Your Nutrition Menu
  • Check Food for Toxins - GMO
  • Confirm Quality of Purchases
  • Protect Your Wee Ones from Harm
  • Identify Your Food Allergies
  • Why Grow Your Own Food? the benefits
  • Chiropractors' No-No Food List 

  • Join the Junk Food Patrol

Tools and Techniques to Personalize Your Food Choices

  • Discover Ways to Identify Genetically Modified Organisms in Your Foods
  • Compare Organics with "Natural" Products
  •  Feeling Icky?  Explore Why
  • Examine Your Water – Great? Good?, Tainted? Toxic?
  • What Food Combinations Work for You
  • Explore What, How and Why
  • Uncover Products not  Supporting a Slim Waistline

This issue of Food Detective includes several segments of
How to be a Household Detective

Coming Soon
Note - The detectives are working with a pendulum
*Instructions on how to use a pendulum are included in this book

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