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Pendulum Dowsing will assist you if:
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Dowsing has been used in a variety of ways in diverse cultures around the world.  Colleges have given degrees.  Doctors, researchers, scientists are using dowsing in their every day work.  Often it is used in the backroom or behind others back.  Water and oil companies hire dowsers.  Businesses and entrepreneurs find pendulum dowsing a great benefit in designing products or promotions.  Why so many uses?  Accuracy and ability to uncover answers that may seem off the page guides them for their benefit and others.

  These books and tools will assist you to stimulate your brain and increase your awareness of your environment. Discover the broad possibilities of working with pendulum dowsing as you work with subtle energies. 


  • About the Author

Sue Trumpfheller, a national speaker, author, poet and coach, teaches others how and why to use the pendulum.  She has been working with color and the labyrinth since the mid 80’s. Sue’s work, with subtle energies, encompasses those unseen fields of our body as well as the land and the energies in and around homes and businesses.  She has written nine books about the pendulum, sharing ways it can be used in all facets of your life from pain to food and real estate to gardening.  Sue also has two books on color and two poetry books. These books are available at Pendulum Dowsing Products.

Sue is a product designer for Chi Energy Products™ and Chi Water Cards.  These patterns are designs around the frequencies of substances and protocols for your health and well being.  They include one for keeping your food fresher longer in your refrigerator saving you up to $600 a year. Others designed to improve your driving experience, sleep, stress, pain and wine. These cards are available at Chi Energy Products

Sue, also known as the dowsing coach, has been using a pendulum since the mid 60's.  She has lots of stories and experiences to share.

Sue is a graduate of Michigan State University with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.  After a writing retreat in the White Mountains of Arizona, Sue is now living in San Jacinto CA. Her books and products can be found at:
                                      Chi Energy Products
    Pendulum Book Series

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Sue Trumpfheller was awarded Dowser of the Year in 2003

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©Susan Bacon Trumpfheller 1990-2015

TIP*Dowsing Dictionary 

A Dowsing Dictionary is not a print book or an e-book.  Your Dowsing Dictionary is in your head, body or your energy field.  It is the place where you define the terms you use when you formulate a dowsing question.  It is different for each one of us based on our experience and training.  For some it is based on their dowsing teacher.

    So what happens when you are dowsing with others on a project?  How can you get the same or similar answer?  Well after working with lots of groups I discovered the importance of working with the same data base.  In order to achieve an agreement on an answer it is important there is an agreement in the meaning of the terms you are using in your question(s).  When a group does not agree on an answer(s) being received, quite often there is not a consensus of definitions.

Here is a solution:When working with a group (2 or more) on a dowsing question or a series of questions designate a single individual as the data source or working from _____'s Dowsing Dictionary.   When you do you will find you get answers in agreement with everyone else or close.  I have seen this happen time after time.

           Dowsing Dictionary

   Here is an example.  

I was working with a group of people at a chapter meeting.  One woman said, “I think the “energy” is different here than in another state.  So we checked each state on a minus 10, plus 10, and with five different people asking the same question we got a variety of answers.  I said, “OK, Let’s go to the dictionary of the person asking the question.  Use her definition for “energy” in the two states.  Now ask the same question again.  This time we all got the same answer. 

My lesson from this is if you are asking a group question, you need to ask the question from one reference point.  Pick one person in the group and use their dictionary or ask it from the point of view of an outside “expert”.  The questions then become , “Do you understand the terminology that I am using in this question?”  “Does my system know what this word means?” or “Does my system know what this sentence means?”


Remember this dictionary is all in your head---body---?? It is not in a book.

Some of you may remember my last talk for the Southwest Conference in 2011 were we tested the bottled water in groups.  It was fun watching the changes taking place in each individuals dowsing.

      This concept is included in all Pendulum Dowsing Books by Sue Trumpfheller

THE BUDDY SYSTEM TIP is found in all Pendulum Dowsing Books.  Watch for a link 

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